The energy drink market is viral! Everyone from ravers to computer nerds, athletes to jet-setting types
are using them
for a fast,
cheap and
legal way
to get a

Energy Drinks

Enhanced waters are more than just plain old H2O! Many claim to contain essential vitamins and nutrients, but do they really lead you down the instant path to health?
Enhanced Water

Athletic prowess depends on getting the edge over your competition. Discover
the most popular
sports drinks!
Learn how
they’re used
to replace

Sports Drinks

A Crazy Market - Surrounded by Controversy

Energy drinks are a universal craze. Ravers party with them, athletes get a competitive edge from them, jet-setters mix them with vodka.

And yet the news is also filled with reports about controversy involving energy drinks, sports drinks and enhanced waters. Do they actually work? Do they provide any health benefits at all? Are they addictive? And who should we believe?

That’s why we created – to help you make informed decisions about energy drinks, sports drinks and enhanced waters. Our team of independent editors and reviewers has created a unique Buzz Factor rating system to help you make smart choices in the mad marketplace of new drink products.

eDrinks gives you the straight dope on what energy drinks do, how they differ from sports drinks, how to find real value, and exactly what’s in that can you’re chugging. So dive in – we’ll help you get a safe and effective buzz on!

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