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Base Energy + Water - Raspberry Lemon

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Base Energy + Water - Raspberry Lemon tastes lighter and sweeter than the Base Energy + Water - Wild Berry flavor, so I liked it a bit better because of it’s slightly sweet, but not too sweet taste. Again the only fault with this drink is the label, which squishes the flavor at the very bottom. However the raspberry lemon flavor is a light pink which makes it easy to pick out. Check out the Base Energy + Water - Wildberry Splash [Base Energy + Water - Wildberry Splash] as well.
Manufacturer: Base Concept, Inc.
Origin: Canada
MSRP: Approximately $1.20
Size: 20 fl. oz. bottle (591ml)
Ingredients: Filtered water, sucrose, citric acid, juice concentrate (aronia, cranberry, blackberry), ascorbic acid, natural and artificial flavor, Siberian ginseng extract, salt, sodium benzoate, ginkgo biloba extract, Echinacea extract, potassium sorbate, guarana extract, sodium citrate, color.
Nutrition Facts: Serving size: 8 fl oz; Servings per container: 2.5; Amount per serving: Calories: 28; Total carbs: 7g; Total fat: 0g; Sodium: 45mg; Potassium: 25mg
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