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All Sport Zero/Plus - Plus Orange

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All Sport Zero/Plus - Plus Orange is a surprisingly energizing sports drink - especially considering that it has zero-sugar and zero calories. It’s probably the lightest tasting drink in the Sport Zero/Plus lineup, but the citrus flavor is still sweet because of the Splenda sweetener. You can taste the Splenda a little more then I’d prefer, but it’s subtle and much better then the syrupy sugar flavor of many other sports drinks. Other fruity flavors include Zero Tangerine [All Sport Zero/Plus- Zero Tangerine], Plus Lemon Lime [All Sport Zero/Plus- Plus Lemon Lime], Zero Mixed Berry [All Sport
Manufacturer: Monarch Beverage Co.
Origin: United States
Size: 20 fl. oz. bottle
Ingredients: Water, citric acid, sodium polyphosphates, potassium benzoate, monopotassium phosphate, calcium chloride, phosphoric acid, sucralose (Splenda brand), calcium chloride, natural and artificial flavors, gum arabic, EDTA, ester gum, acesulfame-K, vitamin C, yellow #6.
Nutrition Facts: Serving size: 8 fl oz; Calories: 0; Total fat: 0g; Sodium: 55mg; Total carbohydrates: 0g; Sugars: 0g; Protein: 0g; Vitamin C: 40%; chandroitin sulfate sodium: 100mg; Dietary fiber: 0g; glucosamine HCI: 300mg
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The Big Snore 
a review of All Sport Zero/Plus - Plus Orange by Stacey
This stuff did nothing for me.
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All Sport Zero rates a Zero in my books! 
a review of All Sport Zero/Plus - Plus Orange by SanDee
Buzz not! I wouldn't say that there was much energy in this energy drink but that may be because I am used to a LOT more sugar.

That taste was OK but it has that Splenda after-taste that comes with artificially sweetened beverages that personally I find to be a turn off.

Maybe the Lemon Lime flavour will be better than the Orange. I would be willing to give it a shot.
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